Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stuperflix Videos for learning

This week I learned how to use a new site to make short videos!  Its always fun to create and Stuperflix is an amazing tool to use in the classroom, and to have some fun at home. 

With this site you can put images to music and make a video to explain or explore almost anything.  For students this is a way to express themselves and their knowledge through their creativity.  Imagine the work you could get out of your students when you ask them to create a video describing the story of Romeo and Juliet, or WWI! You could have students work together collaboratively to create something or individually to show understanding.

I created a video to see how easy it was to navigate.  I did have a hard time adjusting the photos to make them appear as I wanted but other then that it was pretty simple.  You just pick the layout you want the slideshow to be in, upload your photos and order them, upload your music, and add any text you want and the duration of the slide, and your done!  I would definitely use it in the future, I think its a great way to connect with your students and engage them in the lesson.

The video I made, I feel, is a great way to introduce Stupeflix to your classroom.  And introduce yourself to your students so they realize that your a real person (trust me they do tend to think you come from another planet!).  I feel that if teachers open up to their students then students will be more willing to open up to the teachers and in a community setting like that where everyone feels comfortable then learning tends to happen more naturally.  In my video I just gave a sample of my family through out the year and I would suggest having your students create one as well.  It doesn't have to be long, just enough for everyone to get to know their classmates so they can start to build a lasting relationship through out the year.

So as always, enjoy...and create!  Change the mold of how students learn and of how teachers teach!

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