Monday, October 1, 2012

Social Networking

Social networking is proving to be a key in staying up to date with anything these days.  And Ning is a great networking site for teachers to communicate with other teachers or even for teachers to use in their classrooms to engage their students and keep them connected throughout the school year or throughout their lifetime.  With this networking site there's no need for you to have any kind of technical skills to create a place of your own where people can connect over common ideas and goals.

I have actually found a specific network called The Educator's PLN for personal learning for educators.  This site has everything an educator would need to help them be a good teacher by keeping them up to date with any new information that comes up or by learning from other peoples experiences of what worked well for them and what didn't.  With this site you can go to a forum, look at blogs or podcasts, and watch tutorials of learning tools.  There are even groups to join specifically for science or math teachers, or simply for new teachers that need support from other new teachers to learn how to build their framework and make an impact on their students.  All of these things combine to make a site that can keep educators educated through connecting with others and learning endless amounts of knowledge because thats what good educators do right?

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